Hidden Phase 1

a b.m-w dance company production by Birgit Mühlmann- Wieser
Choreography: Birgit Mühlmann- Wieser
Movement research: Fanny Didelot, Verena Pircher
Dance: Verena Pircher
Sound: Gustavo Petek
Costume: Janett Sumbera
Light: Stefan Ebner
Video: Nicole Baïer
Graphic design: Cesar Lopez

Inspired by projects with mental and bodily restricted people a performance evolves which conveys in an existential abstract way the human battle between restriction of the personality and the wish to communicate. Different states of political restrainments of freedom, social isolation to spirituality as the eventual connection to a higher sensual knowledge will be explored. Hidden- out of the concealed rises a new way of communication.

Supported by: Kultur Stadt Salzburg, Kultur Land Salzburg, SZENE Salzburg, Forum 1, Red Sapata Tanzfabrik Linz, Tanz_house